2021’s first murder victim is Kelvin Lindo

Kelvin Lindo

An old drug deal gone badly is the motive that police are following up on in solving the first murder of 2021, that of Kelvin Lindo. The body of the Placencia resident was found face down in the backyard of a Honduran national, Herminio Gutierrez Alvarez, on January 1. Alvarez reported to police when they arrived at his home in Santa Cruz, Stann Creek that he was socializing at his home with a man only known to him as “Cristobal” when a second man came asking for him. While going inside his home, Alvarez says that all he heard was the sound of a single gunshot which came from the back of his home. This is when, according to Alvarez, he saw Kelvin Lindo and this man struggling but shortly after, Lindo fell to the ground.
Police arrived on the scene only to meet Lindo with a single gunshot wound to the chest. Gutierrez has since been detained pending the results of this investigation but according to ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch, they are also seeking “Cristobal” and the second man. Reportedly, Cristobal has been identified as a Nicaraguan national, who is known to police for alleged involvement in a string of robberies and burglaries in Santa Cruz Village and reports are that Lindo is a known associate.