1 year for stealing from supervisor

Dwayne Cruz

An SOS security guard, who was out on parole after being convicted on a charge of manslaughter, has been sentenced to a year for theft. Dwayne Steve Cruz appeared before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett where he pleaded guilty to the charge of theft. That incident dates back to Monday, December 21, 2020 at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and was caught on surveillance camera. He is accused of stealing $900 from Sherlette Magdaleno, his supervisor. She explained that she was at work when someone came to pick the money up from her. A review of the security footage was done and Cruz was seen stealing the money.
Cruz was unrepresented before the magistrate where he explained that he has been suffering with a gambling addiction. He was only sentenced to a year in prison but he was instructed to enroll in a rehabilitation program while in jail.