Search efforts “reduced” for missing Dangriga fishermen

Omar Thompson
Brenton Bracket
Leon Joseph
Jeffery Gomez

It has now been almost three weeks since four Dangriga fishermen set out on an expedition and since then, none of the men have been seen or heard from. The men, Omar Thompson, Brenton Brackett, Leon Joseph, and Jeffery Gomez, went missing 19 days ago on Friday, December 11 after departing from Southern Long Caye. As the days go on, their families are becoming increasingly worried for their safety and are becoming frustrated with search efforts by the Police Department and the Belize Coast Guard. Family members are saying that the police are being careless in their efforts and are pleading with the public to report any helpful information.
On the other hand, Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says that both the Police and Coast Guard are conducting extensive searches for the missing men. Their search efforts span the area where the men are known to frequent but nothing has turned up yet. The search is still ongoing but ACP Myvett concedes that it is “reduced”. Still, he says that the police are looking at every possibility at this time, including a possible connection between the men’s disappearance and the murder of Errol Gomez.
Gomez was found murdered inside his home on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25. Gunshots could be heard at around 5:00 that morning and after the bangs subsided, the 29-year-old laid dead inside his Dangriga home. Just three years ago in 2017, Gomez narrowly escaped an attack on his life after the house he was in was set on fire. This time, however, he did not manage to make it out alive.