Forensic service technician succumbs to COVID-19

Renie Moh

To date, there have been almost 250 COVID-19 related deaths reported in the country. This viral infection has spared next to no one and has been fatal to person regardless of profession or status. Almost daily, new deaths are reported and while the number of active cases seemed to have drastically reduced within a few days, it is almost impossible to believe. One of the most recent deaths is that of Renie Moh, Exhibit Manager for the National Forensic Science Service. He passed away due to COVID-19 related complications on Saturday, December 26 and according to a release from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, so did two of his relatives. He was regarded for his professionalism, integrity, reliability, and devotion to the service for a decade. Moh goes on to join more than 230 other Belizeans who have lost the fight to COVID-19, including a host of frontline workers and other professionals.