PUP gives half a ham for Christmas


People across the country are irate at the disrespectful manner in which they are being treated by the PUP government. Earlier on, the PUP had announced that they would equitably be sharing $930,000 across all the constituencies. We are not certain what the definition of equity is for the PUP; UDP representatives have said that with the amount of money they have been allotted, if evenly distributed among voters, each one of them would only receive a paltry $2.50.
Even their own supporters are complaining about the less than adequate treatment by their PUP area representatives. Based on reports from multiple individuals in the Orange Walk Central constituency, for example, which is represented by no other than the Prime Minister of the country, they have been getting a half of a ham. While the argument can be made that half a ham is better than none, residents in the constituency complain that they have never been treated with this kind of disrespect before. They say that they would prefer not to get any ham than to know that they are only being given half of what they are deserving of. One voter told us that, “when I gone vote I neva give them half a vote!”
Now it seems that the mistreatment in the Orange Walk District is pandemic as similar cries have been coming out of the Orange Walk North constituency. Based on what is being distributed, their share is more in line with what the UDP representatives got. Based on a ‘sweets’ bag, which we have seen is being distributed by the PUP Area Representative Ramon “Monchie” Cervantes, his bag is worth closer to a mere $3.00. One resident reportedly told them, “I already have diabetes, I noh need no sweet.”
This PUP is simply the most disrespectful set that has ever taken office in Belize. Based on their actions, the ordinary man is not deserving of no more than a bag of sweets or half a ham. Meanwhile, they have lavished upon themselves the latest model vehicles, all manner of allowances and perks. The ordinary man and woman who thought he or she would have won is realizing that with this set, “Todos Perdemos.”