Blood on the streets of Belize City


PUP clueless
The streets of Belize City are literally running red with blood as youths continue to be killed with wanton disregard. The Police and the Government have no way of putting a halt to it even though that in the run-up to the General Elections, the People’s United Party had all the answers to the nation’s crime problems.
Now, there is a new Minister of Police and he has unveiled no new strategy to combat the ever-growing problem. As has now become the norm in Belize City, there is a death almost every other day with the minister as clueless as he could be. Kareem is simply sitting on his hands in the hope that a solution would fall from the sky and onto his lap. What has made matters worse is that programs that are established to actually help in the situation, outside of government, are now being targeted.
Last week, there was an opening of the St. Martins One Stop Auto Care. It was set up with the assistance of the U.S. Embassy and the Love Foundation as an alternative opportunity hub for at-risk youths. Even that, however, is not safe. Over the weekend gunmen targeted the institution, injuring four young men and killing another; they were all working there as mechanics.
Kareem, you had all the answers before the elections. Young men are still being killed and you have done nothing to help the problem! It is easier to criticize than to find solutions, isn’t it?