UDP to help persons blocked from making payments for lands


Hundreds of first time land owners are complaining vehemently after the Lands Department has closed down their accounts. These Belizeans say that they have visited the Lands Department to make payments on their accounts only to be told that they would not be able to do so.
Based on our information, the department has locked down accounts of persons who received house lots in the latter part of the UDP Administration. Earlier on, we had reported that the department had also discontinued to receive payments other than by the cashiers at the department itself. The reason for the change in collection was to prevent people from making payments to their accounts. The new PUP government is now frustrating the new land owners and preventing them from making payments so that their land could be taken away.
The UDP is not standing idly by as this wanton abuse is taking place. Attorney at law, Orson Elrington, has informed The Guardian that the UDP is preparing to take the Government to court to have the Lands Department honor the contracts they have with the new land owners. He said that a list of almost 150 people has been compiled of those persons, who are being refused the right to own their land by not allowing them to make payments. These people are seeking legal redress but Elrington says he is hopeful that the Minister of Lands would come to his senses and allow the small man to own a land of their own.