UDP rebuilds


“Watch me fix it,” says Party Leader Faber
The United Democratic Party (UDP) held a press conference on Wednesday December 9, during which Party Leader, Hon. Patrick Faber announced the senators who will take up the opposition seats in the Senate (see story on page 5) Along with that announcement the Party Leader announced the various persons who will be the UDP’s eyes and ears shadowing the PUP administration (see appointments on page 2).
And while the content of the press conference centered on these appointments, Leader of the UDP Hon. Patrick Faber tackled some of the pressing issues both within the UDP as it rebuilds as well as pressing matters one month into the PUP administration.
“We will ensure to be an effective opposition and will ensure that government functions well,” stated Hon. Faber. Some of the issues he addressed was the issue of the PUP naming only family members to key positions. He explained that when things are going wrong, the UDP will point it out. What is also going wrong at this point is that people are literally going hungry as Hon. Faber explained the PUP is abandoning people, leaving them without food during the times of Covid. He was referring specifically to the discontinuation of the pantry program.
Speaking on the response to Covid-19, Hon. Faber once again appealed to the Prime Minister stating that the UDP is ready to join forces. “There are no political lines for Covid-19, it affects us all and has gotten out of hand.” He explained that the UDP wants to help in the fight for Belize and would want a bipartisan approach to the pandemic.
On the issue of multiple firings that have taken place across various ministries, Hon. Faber explained that he can understand asking people who were politically appointment to step aside. He however explained plain disapproval in the removing of professionals at various key positions, “that is not what people voted for.” He went on to state there are now instances where bus contracts in the Ministry of Education that are being taken away. In some instances he said this is being done to make way for PUP’s.
Hon. Faber also gave his impressions on the PUP’s push for witch hunts. He said that was expected but added that the UDP under his watch will denounce acts of corruption when they come out. UDP will not defend blatant acts of corruption. He noted that the agenda is to do good for the people of Belize.
Finally on the rebuilding of the party he noted that in so doing those who were there before are welcomed adding that if what is being done suits them then they are welcomed. Asked of those who have served before and their future in the party he was categorical, “We are subject to the will of people.” The UDP he said is in a “forward path to change,” noting that in that the UDP will “embrace some of what was and some of what is to come.” Even so Hon. Faber explained that it will not be an easy task but reiterated that the UDP will always side with righteousness and the people of Belize can, “expect strong representation and will be a force to reckon with.” “Watch me fix it,” he said. “When this Phoenix rises watch the beauty of this party.”