Murder on Holy Emmanuel

Jareth Tablada

Police in the Belize District had their hands full, having to respond to two murders within hours of each other on Monday, November 16, 2020. The first murder was that of 37-year-old Jareth Tablada, a resident and known deliveryman of Lake Independence and father of three. He had left his home in the Gungunlung area to purchase Boledo at a shop on Holy Emmanuel Street but never made it back home. At around 6:15 that evening, he was listening to music on his phone when a gunman rode up to him and let out a flurry of bullets. Shortly thereafter, police responded to the shooting where they met Tablada’s bullet-riddled body. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
The police are currently investigating this murder and while they have not yet arrested anyone, they believe to have discovered the motive. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams explained that Tablada’s murder is potentially connected to a land dispute, which he had with an individual in the area. As such, police are following that and all other leads and are seeking that person.