Legal Counsel at Ministry of Natural Resources detained


On the morning immediately following General Elections in Belize, there was some commotion at the Ministry of Natural Resources office in Belmopan. Llewellyn Usher, Legal Counsel for the Ministry and an Attorney-at-Law, was accosted by police as he made his way to work at around 11:00 that morning. He was denied access to the building by police and when he insisted on getting inside, he was forcibly subdued by four police officers. Video footage of the incident quickly circulated, showing the brute force being used by the officers to subdue Usher. Credible reports indicate that leader of the new government administration Hon. John Briceño had given directives for the closure of the Lands Department’s offices countrywide.
Reports suggest that Usher was detained by the police pending charges and COMPOL Williams says that an investigation into the matter is ongoing.