No portfolio for losers

Dido Vega

With a 26 to five electoral victory, the Johnny Briceño led PUP administration was faced with trying to appease a great deal of individuals, all expecting ministerial appointments. As he negotiated to find positions for all the winners, there were four of them who simply did not fit into Cabinet or were not deemed Cabinet material. The losers among the winners are David ‘Dido’ Vega, Jorge Espat, Alex Balona, and Marconi Leal.
While we do not know what the selection process was to have omitted two of the above-mentioned, the other two may have been omitted because of their unsavory nature. We remember that Leal was once accused of being a child molester; we will not delve further into this character. The other that definitely disqualified himself was David Vega. Even before the elections, Facebook was littered with comments stating that he was a nobody. He apparently has nowhere to call home, as there are indications that he does not own a house. He does not own a vehicle. We are also reliably informed that he has a serious gambling and drinking problem. Prior to the elections, he did not even have a job! We are told that as a teacher, he was not even wanted at the school where he used to teach. There were allegations that he would sell grades to students, who would pay for it.
With this kind of background, it is no wonder why, even after winning, Vega would not be considered to be given a portfolio. After all, even Johnny has some scruples and would not want to further tarnish his Cabinet.