PUP Wins; Let the Pillaging Begin!


As we go to press tonight November 11, we know that the People’s United Party will form the next government. At 9:15, Leader of the United Democratic Party, Hon. Patrick Faber, issued a concession statement in which he urged for unity as democracy has once again prevailed and the people have spoken. But what does this all mean? From what this newspaper knows of the PUP, they have established themselves as a party that is well-known for looting and plundering the government coffers. The last time they were in office they left the treasury empty with almost unsurmountable bills which we had nothing to show for. Now they are back and there is nothing that they have told us that inspires us to begin to believe that they are a reformed political party. Very many of the same players of the 1998 – 2008 era remain in place. And now some of their offspring are in office.
From what we have gleaned from their policies, their return will once again usher in an era of pillaging. We have heard their leader, John Briceño publicly say that they will discontinue the ongoing infrastructural projects. This means that hundreds of Belizeans will be added to the already very long unemployment line. He has also categorically stated that mass firings will begin in the public service the very minute they take office. That too will be adding significantly to the unemployment line.
Most recently, he stated that one of the first moves his government will be making will be the reopening of the free zone in Corozal. Big mistake! He will, in effect, invite the COVID-19 pandemic into the country in an uncontrollable fashion. What’s more, he stated that immediately upon assuming office he will restart the illegal cattle trade, basically giving approval to an illegal act. There is not much more that could have been expected from this lot.
Even before taking office, we have seen glimpses of how they will again cream off the public coffers. At least one of the key players of the Mahogany Heist disaster has reared her ugly head once again and is already planning her next housing scam. We will wait and see how that one develops and how the public purse will suffer.
But with all that said, democracy is alive in Belize! The UDP was unsuccessful as the people have told us that we can no longer serve. With all that has been previously said, we wish that we have judged the PUP and to see whether they can do better than this golden era that the UDP ushered into Belize between 2008 and 2020.