Victim and gunman dead

Kareem Gillett

Two men are dead following a shooting incident turned double murder, which took place on Saturday, October 31. Kareem Gillett was on Caesar Ridge Road in Belize City at around 9:00 p.m. when he came under attack. A rented vehicle drove up beside Gillett from where a gunman descended and let out a hail of bullets. He died on the spot but someone who was with Gillett returned fired and that is when Tareek Smith, the gunman, was himself shot.

Tareek Smith

Police visited Gillett’s murder scene where they met him inside a nearby drain. Not too long after, they received information of a gunshot victim at the hospital and that is where they met Smith. While physicians did what they could to treat him, he died within moments from his gunshot injuries.
Investigators have revealed that a group of men from the Jerusalem area in Belize City rented a vehicle earlier in the day with the intention of carrying out crimes across Southside Belize City. They headed to Gillett’s residence where they allegedly pretended to be interested in purchasing weed and it is when Gillett came outside of his house that he was shot. COMPOL Chester Williams says that while Gillett was murdered, Smith was killed in something classified as self-defense. Police say that the rivalry between the groups has been going on for some time now.