Which blue wave?


By Jamil Matar
This is my last submission before the November 11, 2020 General Elections here in our little jewel. It is ironic that many PUP supporters were openly predicting a mighty blue tsunami sweeping over the United States on Tuesday, so that they could clutch the bragging rights of a subsequent blue wave passing over Belize. In fact, as I pen this article, nothing has changed in the great United States, not one tittle has shifted in any of their branches of government. I am not suggesting that our government will remain the same, no sir; I am convinced that there will be some unfamiliar faces in our House of Representatives come November 12. However, I will never again venture any lopsided prediction as to which party will capture so many seats. If there is a change of administration, Belizeans can sleep tranquilly that there will be no obstacles erected around the National Assembly Building. Whichever party wins, gets the seats and the spoils.
A phrase which remains etched in my mind, and which still applies today, comes from an Amandala editorial article just prior to the May 8, 2019 ICJ referendum. In it, the editor truthfully stated that on May 9 all of us would still be fellow Belizeans. The same thing goes for November 12. One people, one nation. No more quarrels on FB, Instagram or Twitter, you hear.” Mek e done”, please.
As to those Belizeans, at home and abroad, who continue to subscribe to unscientific and unsubstantiated polls, please stop posting fool on Facebook about voter percentages in each constituency. It does not work in the States and it does not work here in Belize. The only poll that counts will open at 7 am on November 11, 2020. Not a minute earlier.
Thing is, many of those Blue Wavers, who for the most part reside in Trump Country, cannot vote there nor here, so, to me, their opinion about our elections is neither here nor there.
With respect to those Belizean-Americans, that is the other factor that will severely influence the tally of our general elections this time around. Many of those absentee names have been removed from the voters list, sometimes as much as two hundred voters in some constituencies. This will play a big role for the UDP.
As I mentioned, I will not proffer an opinion about who will win this time. Suffice to say that the deep epiphany that pervaded over UDP supporters in 1998 is not present this year. In fact, I must note that UDP supporters are not hiding behind the flaunted mulberry bush this time around; they are fighting back, lick for lick. .
Most voters perceive, however, that any result will not affect them in any way. That is why some say, better pass a “hoghead” now, because I will not see you after this. All those hopscotch moves, flouted as dancing, which a certain fat-cat politician made on nomination day was simply a show for the gullible voter that, Buay, he is just like us. No, he is not. You, my man, are stinking rich, while most of us out here are dirt poor. In addition, to all those politicians suddenly baking tortillas on a fire hearth, will we ever see you ever again? No bets, please.
Until two weeks then, fellow Belizeans. Please vote wisely. None of us wants to have to erect an “unscalable” fence around the BTL compound!