Over the weekend, news started to circulate which suggested that the PUP’s Port Loyola candidate Gilroy Usher had a number of persons out on the streets campaigning for him even though he had knowledge that those persons had tested positive for COVID-19. At first, we treated the reports as idle political gossip because we could not bring ourselves to believe that he would do such a thing knowing how easy COVID-19 could spread under such circumstances. The reports continued to come in on Monday, and we continued to treat it as idle political gossip. However, on Tuesday, all that changed when we were contacted by persons who were campaigning for Usher until they found out that Usher had people working alongside them who had tested positive for COVID-19. We then got further confirmation from some actual persons who had tested positive for COVID-19, but were still out campaigning even though they said Usher was aware of their Covid status.
One of the persons we spoke to said that she has been a lifelong PUP supporter and after she found out that she had tested COVID-19 positive, she had asked Usher to continue to pay her while she self-isolated; however, she said she was told that she is asymptomatic so all she had to do was to wear her mask at all times and sanitize her hands often. She was told that she or anybody would not be paid for staying home during the campaign. She and a few others have tried to do right and have stopped working because they have realized that there is a very strong possibility that they could unintentionally infect others. The UDP candidate Phillip Willoughby has been made aware of the situation, and he has reached out to them along with the other former PUP campaigners who stopped working for Usher after they realized the injustice that Usher’s camp had done to them. Willoughby has committed to assisting those persons.
It is obvious that Usher is desperate and his desperation has no boundaries. He will try anything to try to win Port Loyola. Usher has rewritten the PUP’s slogan. His new slogan is “BECAUSE I AM DESPERATE, EVERYBODY HAVE TO LOSE.” Usher seems not to care that his COVID-19 positive campaigners are going into people’s homes, interacting with them and putting them at risk. Is he not thinking of those older persons, shut-ins and others who may already have underlying health conditions? What about the fact that these Covid positive campaigners are handling his campaign material being distributed to voters or that some of these campaigners may be wearing their masks improperly or in some cases not wearing any at all? USHER IS BAD NOT ONLY FOR PORT LOYOLA, BUT HE IS BAD FOR THE ENTIRE NATION.