UDP now has new Leadership


The Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, current Prime Minister of our great country Belize, has successfully taken the United Democratic Party (UDP) to win three consecutive terms of government. As he prepares to retire to personal life following the general elections set for November 11, 2020, he leaves behind an unmatched legacy of transformation across the length and breadth of this country. Likewise, there has been vivid renovation within the party itself and we can only look forward to equal greatness under the new party leader, Hon. Patrick Faber. During a virtual rally for the party which took place on Thursday, October 8, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow officially handed over leadership of the party to Hon. Patrick Faber and Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Hugo Patt.
The pair will be certain to bring youthful energy as well as experienced leadership within the party, which will transcend into winning a fourth term and continued development for the country. In his speech as outgoing party leader, the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow gave his assurance that he is leaving the party in good hands with Hon. Patrick Faber. “With highest confidence, with surest conviction, I cede the mantle of the United Democratic Party leadership to the Honorable Patrick Faber. The Lion of Collet, the greatest Minister of Education this country has ever seen, and the new political champion of all the people of Belize.” He also offered his congratulations to the minister for his successes thus far and his future successes. “I sincerely congratulate him, wish him a long leadership tenure, and thank him for the assurance, comfort, and faith that his demonstrated qualities and phenomenal capacity bring to all of us in this great United Democratic Party. Long live Patrick Faber, Long live the UDP, and Long live Belize.”
Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow also shared how much of a privilege it was to serve the UDP for as long as he did and thanked, especially, the “rank and file, the soldiers” of the party who sacrifice every day. He says that it is their devotion, hard work, and passionate solidarity that has been the most uplifting feature of his political life. While the Prime Minister has ended his tenure as party leader and is nearing the end of his office as Prime Minister of Belize, he has pledged his continued support to the UDP; “As long as there is breath in my body, my commitment to the UDP is unswerving. And in retirement, I will continue in any small way that I can to be at the service of this great United Democratic Party.”
Current party leader of the UDP, Hon. Patrick Faber, was greatly described as one of the best and most formidable members the UDP has seen. He has been supported time and time again by the people of his Collet constituency, people who he strongly believes to be some of the smartest voters in the country. For several terms, he has worked tirelessly as Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture and has also served in the capacity Deputy Prime Minister. On rally night, he humbly accepted the mantle as leader of the UDP, saying that he is ready to lead the party to a fourth term. “As we prepare for our fourth term in office, I humbly accept the honor of serving you, our loyal members and our great nation as we roll on to victory on November eleventh.” Both Hon. Faber and Hon. Hugo Patt pledge to work for and with the people of Belize in their commitment to integrity, unity, and development.