28 prisoners break out of jail


Police are slowly rounding up 28 prisoners who escaped from the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville on Monday, October 12. As we go to press, 20 of the escapees remain at large, seven have been captured one was killed.
The Ministry of National Security held a press conference on Monday, October 13 where the media was appraised as to the circumstances surrounding the escape. Chief Executive Officer at the prison, Virgilio Murillo explained that a prison officer stationed at the Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg) section of the prison at Tango 7 was lured by a prisoner away from his duties on the pretense that there was another prisoner, who needed assistance. As he was going to check on the situation he was knocked out by another prisoner and he was stripped of his clothes and a pocket knife and thrown in a cell.
One of the prisoners then made his way into the office of the Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg) section where he waited on another guard to come in. As he did, he was held up at knife point, was stripped of his clothes and was taken to the cell where he too was locked up. Both officers were handcuffed and gagged. The inmate with the knife then made his way up one of the prison’s watch towers and overpowered the guard on duty and took away his rifle and he was also thrown in the cell with the other guards. The prisoners then proceeded to free the other inmates all told, 28 of them. They waited from 1p.m. up until 6 p.m. when it got dark and they made their way out of the prison.
Police were called sometime around 6:15p.m. but because of darkness there was very little that could be done. It was not until daybreak that the search began in earnest with checkpoints being mounted and searches being conducted. A helicopter was also employed to help in the manhunt.
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams appealed to the public to call the police if there is any information regarding the escapees. He stated that “the quicker we can get these individuals off our streets the better it is going to be. I also want to appeal to family members of these escapees that if it is that you know where they are it is not too late for them to surrender.”