7 prisoners captured, 1 killed

Mark Pelayo

The largest prison break in the history of Belize occurred on Monday, October 12. A total of 28 prisoners managed to overpower three prison officers and made an escape shortly after 6 p.m. on that day (see story on page 2).
Since the escape, law enforcement personnel including police and BDF have been able to capture seven prisoners and kill one of them. The first to be captured was Mark Pelayo, who was found by police in the vicinity of the Hattieville-Boom Junction sometime after eight on the morning after the escape.
Hours later, after 2p.m., BDF and Police officers searching for the escapees in the Coastal Road area came under fire, two members of the team were injured. They have been identified as Lance Corporal Flowers who is attached to the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG). He suffered a gunshot to the body and Police constable Whakym Martinez who was grazed by a bullet. He is attached to the Special Patrol Unit (SPU).

Akeem Tillett

The officers engaged in a firefight during which Akeem Tillet was shot and killed. The officers recovered an M-4 Carbine assault rifle which had been taken from the prison officers during the escape. Moments after that encounter, a second escapee was captured. He is identified Christopher Bradley who was found in an orange orchard off the Coastal Road.

Christopher Bradley

A third prisoner, George Bendrick was brought into the Hattieville prison on Tuesday evening shortly before 6p.m.

George Bednrick

The fourth prisoner to be captured was Juan Ramirez, who was caught on Wednesday morning.

Juan Ramirez

By Wednesday evening three more escapees had been recaptured. They are Kevin Buller, Orlando Smith and Kenroy Gamboa. They have been returned to the prison.

Kevin Buller
Orlando Smith
Kenroy Gamboa

Law enforcement officers are still on the hunt for 20 prisoners who remain at large. They are Joel Sierra, Carlos Montejo, Darren Vasquez, Enrique Martinez, Elser Oseguera, Erwin Lanza, Eutychus Nunez, Jaroud Lamb, Santos Lopez, Victor Galeano, White Deon, Rudy Herrera, Luis Paiz, Luke Bowen, Deandre Guiffaro, Michael Faux, Santos Lopez, Oswaldo Perez, Phillip Bowen, Kendale Flores.