Narco Jet buried


Police had to respond to the landing of yet another suspected drug plane on Sunday, October 11. They report that sometime around 4 a.m. on that day a suspected drug plane entered into Belize’s airspace. It reportedly flew north then went back south and disappeared from radar tracking. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the press that about a half hour later Mexican authorities had detected the plan as it landed in an area between Crooked Tree and Shipyard Villages. Police were mobilized to the remote area but found only heavy equipment including a bulldozer, a tractor and an excavator in the area. The plane had actually been dismantled with the use of the heavy equipment and it was buried.
With the use of the very equipment in the area, authorities dug up and area that had recently been disturbed and found the remains of the plan. The engine was salvaged and the fuselage was processed for any evidence.
COMPOL Williams says they knew the plan would land in the area and had deployed personnel to an area, which had already been lit for that purpose. However, the plane diverted and went into a remote area, private lands, which caused the lawmen to take about an hour and a half to reach the landing site.
Police are trying to determine who the owner of the land and heavy equipment are.