No bail for accused murderer

Delson Paguada

Delson Paguada, accused of the January 2018 shooting murder of Paul Jex, has been denied bail by Justice Herbert Lord. Paguada and two others, including his sibling, have been accused of the murder and the Crown has been able to provide a witness statement in this incident. That witness claims that she saw Paguada, someone she has known all her life, at the scene of the crime. Despite building its case in defense of Paguada, the defense was not able to secure bail for their client, who now remains on remand. Justice Lord has said that there is sufficient evidence against the accused to not offer him bail.
Paul Jex, a known gang associate who himself had some contact with the law on multiple occasions, was murdered on Crocodile Street in the San Mateo Area of San Pedro Town. It took place on January 23, 2018 and since then, Paguada, a sibling of his, and a third man were fingered as the men who were seen leaving the scene on a boat.