Anthony Barrow on bail for armed robbery at Scotia Bank

Anthony Barrow

In July this year, there was an armed robbery at the Belama branch of Scotia Bank on the Philip Goldson Highway. The robbery ended in a crossfire between the robbers and police who were on mobile patrols in the area at the time. A car chase ensued between the criminals and law enforcement and four men were nabbed. One of those men, 29-year-old Anthony Barrow, has recently applied for and was granted bail through the assistance of his attorney, Oscar Selgado. He was offered bail of $12,000 by Justice of the Supreme Court, Hebert Lord.
Barrow and his accomplices were charged with two counts of aggravated assault upon two police officers, damage to property, two counts of kept unlicensed firearm, and two counts of kept unlicensed ammunition. The last two charges stem from two pistols and live ammunition which were reportedly found inside a boat in which the men attempted to flee.