Election date set for November 11th


General Elections have been set for Wednesday, November 11. The office of the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow made the announcement on Monday October 5, via a press release. It was also announced that Nomination Day will be held on Wednesday October 21. The national assembly was dissolved on Tuesday October 6th.
While Parliament is now dissolved, in accordance with section 84(6) of the Belize Constitution the Government of Belize will continue to be governed by its current executives including the Prime Minister and other Ministers until the appointment of a new Prime Minister after General Elections.
While the elections are now set, it will not be like others in the past as there needs to be adherence to Covid-19 prevention protocols. Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai has told the media that the usual process of nominations will not be the same. While we are accustomed to having one event where all candidates in particular areas come together and make their way to the nomination center, that has now change. This time around there will be different nomination centers in each constituency. This will be done so as not to allow for large gatherings.
Additionally, on election day, constituencies where there is only one polling station will see more stations put in place in order to distribute the voters in various areas, again so as not to allow for large gatherings of people.