Young mother killed in gun violence


A young, single mother of a six-month-old was shot and killed on Saturday, October 3, 2020 as she visited her sister in Belize City. Nelisha Nolberto, 21, was socializing with family and friends on Pelican Street Extension when two gunmen entered the yard and opened fire.
Nolberto’s family as well as the police believe that it was another person who was at the location at the time who was the intended target of the attack. Sr. Spt. Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch, explains that the police are under the belief that the shooting happened as a result of gang rivalry in the area. According to reports of the incident to Nolberto’s father, Nelson Nolberto, one of the gunmen had problems discharging his gun and that is when the actual intended target managed to flee. One of the gunmen set chase behind him but the second gunman opened fire and Nelisha Nolberto was the unfortunate casualty.
Police are also following the lead that it is related to the murder of George Murphy which took place in Placencia. Their investigations continue but one person is in custody in relation to this incident.