Tourism reopens slowly


Monday October 1 saw the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport. A press release issued by the National Oversight Committee on Monday October 5 states that 712 persons have come into the country through the international airport.
Director of the Belize Tourism Board, Karen Bevans has further broken down those numbers. On the first day of reopening on Thursday October 1, a total of 46 tourists arrived. On Friday October 2, 123 tourists came; on the 3rd there were 117 tourists and on Sunday there were 93 visitors to Belize. That brings a total of 379 tourists who arrived in country in the first week of reopening.
The BTB explains that these visitors are spread across 40 hotels in Belize. These hotels are able to receive tourists as they have achieved the Gold Standard certification. Currently there are some 148 hotels that have that certification and 108 Tour Operators that also have been certified.