5000 cacao trees for Toledo farmers


Between April and May, large forest fires raged in the southern part of the country destroying hundreds of acres of forests. Also included in the destructive path of the fires were cacao trees which farmers in the south depend on for daily sustenance. Two of the villages largely affected were Crique Jute and Colombia. As a result of that loss, Copal Tree organic farms and distillery quickly came to their assistance and started a nursery with over five thousand cacao trees worth over twenty thousand dollars. Those trees were delivered to the farmers that were affected. Copal Tree farm manager Richard Brinkman stated, “it is our pleasure to help out where we can so that we can continue to have prosperous farms in the Toledo District.”
The business house has consistently been assisting in the district as during this time of COVID-19, it also donated more than five thousand dollars’ worth of hand sanitizers to frontline workers
Copal Tree Farm and Distillery is an organic farm located just outside of Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District. The farm and distillery is the biggest private employer in the Toledo district. Copal Tree Farm grows a unique organic purple cane which is then transferred to the distillery and is distilled into a world class rum called Copalli Rum. Last year Copalli rum won a gold medal in a blind tasting test in New York city.