Options and Alternatives


By Jamil Matar
I began drafting this discourse right after the US presidential debate concluded and I hope that the vestiges of the underperformance of two major candidates vying to lead the free world does not slink into my essay. My topic, however, does reflect an adage I picked up during a coherent potion of the 90-minute verbal spar. I trust that this, my own five-minute political parley with you will be more entertaining than my past two hours, and might help sway your decision in the right direction in our country’s national elections scheduled for the next six weeks. Allow me to jump right into my subjective observations.
Several conceited buffoons (whom I once considered intelligent but whom I will block at the earliest) have taken to writing long-winded PUP propaganda shrouded as “informed opinion” on Facebook. These political mercenaries unvaryingly comprise dates and quotes in their presentations to impress the impressionable, always winding up their drivel with the phrase, “change is in the air”. What change? I have a neat little story on kettles, pots and fire hearth cooking to tell at another time.
In the past two months, the People’s United Party has been focused in concocting stories it refers to as smoldering, glaring instances of corruption. It started with innuendos directed at the Covid-19 relief program, the BOOST and pantry packages, and then the tablets for students. Recently, the PUP is focused on Minister Martinez’s rental earnings and candidate Willoughby’s bicycle attack. With all the glitter from the recycled promises having dimmed by the apathy of voter cynicism, the PUP has decided to double clutch on corruption accusations against the UDP, fabricating these more efficiently than Ford’s assembly line.
Anyway, I got this gem of wisdom from the US presidential debate, which is perfectly relevant to our local political landscape these days. Think about it: whenever the PUP accuses the UDP of corruption, the UDP pulls out this copious 1998-2008 ledger and catalogs ten worst offences committed by the PUP. It is as if the UDP is asking voters, do not compare us to the Almighty; compare us to the Alternative.
For those readers who are at this stage speculating that I may be morphing slowly into a Fabro, a Novelo, a Constanza, a Cardona, a Garbutt, a Paul Rodriguez, or a Michael Godoy, please do not. I have this to ask, do you firmly believe that, with their recent performance of barefacedly milking this country dry, the People’s United Party is the better option to lead Belize for the next five years? Maybe if they changed their roster and their habits, maybe. However, these people take their politics like an addict takes crack. They cannot stop hitting it.
A public service message from me before we part ways this week: I do not think the situation with the Coronavirus will improve in OW. My fellow Oragewalkeños are not taking this thing seriously. At any given time, you can plainly see several maskless adults walking around, without a care in the world. As my paisano, Emmanuel, is fond of saying, “our people are as stubborn as mules”. “Somos tercos como burros!”