Whitfield Fisher is arrested and charged for Kelly Street murder

Whitfield Usher

An argument turned into a fatal stabbing incident which left 34-year-old Andrew Flores dead at his Kelly Street home. It took place on Thursday, September 10, 2020 when Flores, according to his common-law wife, became involved in an argument with her brother, Whitfield Fisher. Usher invited someone over to the shared apartment and that person and Flores did not get along. Flores asked the man to leave the property and that is what sparked the dispute between him and Fisher, his brother-in-law. The man did end up leaving but that was just the start of what would turn into a deadly night.

Andrew Flores

Flores, according to his common-law wife, approached her brother to tell him that he heard that there was a plot to have him murdered. That is when Fisher seemingly got agitated and told Flores that if he wanted him dead, he could do it there. It was not long after that Fisher stabbed Flores to the throat with a sharp object. Flores was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead a short while after.
Fisher, 28, had absconded and was able to evade the police for quite some time but after some intensive search efforts on the part of the police, he was located in Belize City. Fisher has been arrested and charged for the murder of Flores over the weekend. He was taken to court on Monday, September 14 to be arraigned before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson. Due to the nature of the charge, no plea could be taken and he was remanded until October 11, 2020.