Car dealer fined $2k for unlicensed bullet proof vest

James Joseph

For having an unlicensed bullet proof vest in his possession, James Eddison Joseph has been fined $2,000. According to the police, a search of the 34-year-old car dealer’s home located in Belize City on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 yielded the discovery of the item. The officers asked Joseph if he was able to produce a permit for the vest and when he was unable to, he was arrested and charged for keeping an unregistered bullet proof vest.
Joseph was taken to court before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer to answer to the charge. In court, where he was unrepresented, he explained that the vest was not genuine and only used in sporting events. He said that on the day the officers discovered the item, he explained that the vest was not real but the officers told him to put it on so that they could test it on him; he refused. Initially, he pleaded guilty to the charge with an explanation but the magistrate explained that unless he accepted the facts, she could not accept his guilty plea. He accepted the facts and was offered a fine of $2,000 plus a $5 cost of court to be paid by April 30, 2021. Should he default on this payment, he will sentenced to a year in prison.