Living the Belizean Dream


By Thamar Jones
What is The Belizean Dream?
We have all heard of the American Dream. It is the Belizean dream any different? Well… Do Belizeans dream?
I’m a Belizean and I dream all the time. My friends dream. My brothers, they have dreams. So I’d say yes. Belizeans have dreams and aspirations for ourselves and for our country. So what are our collective hopes and aspirations? What does our ideal society look like? What are our personal goals?
Even if we have not taken the time to define our national ethos, we have one. That was proven to me by the commonalities of each individual’s answer with whom I spoke. In an effort to make it simpler for my subjects whom I caught off guard with the question, I rephrased it. “What is your dream as a Belizean woman?” or man or child or youth?
For a lot of people their dream is connected to becoming wealthy and being able to achieve the things they want through hard work. For others, it is much more and is beyond materialism. For them it is the dream of living a simple, happy and fulfilling life and the most important features being freedom and equality.
Our Belizean dream is unfortunately not yet a reality or many because in order to make “The Belizean Dream” come true, Belizeans must work together.
We are individuals but together, we make the whole and it is equally as important to have collective goals as it is to have our individual life plans. So we must establish what our dreams are for Belize because it will give us a clearer understanding of the direction we want to take as a people.
You can do something that is good for you, you can do something that is good for your country or you can do something that’s good for both.
Such as striving for a good education, being more productive every day, upholding law and order, being of service and being kind one to another.
They say, if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with ample opportunities for all.