15,500 tablets for high schoolers


During a meeting of the National Assembly held on Wednesday, September 16, the UDP government introduced a bill in which it is seeking to repurpose grant funds from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and loan funds from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB). Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber explained that $7 million will be reallocated in order for children in high schools to be equipped with devices that are internet- ready.

A total of 15,500 devices complete with headsets and keyboards will be acquired by the government for it to be distributed to high schoolers for use in the upcoming school year. Minister Faber explained that there is urgency for the reallocation to be made as high schools will be reopened in October. The devices need to be acquired and distributed to high schoolers for them to be able to continue their education which on schools’ reopening will be largely based on online learning.