BTL chairman resigns

Nestor Vasquez

Chairman of Belize Telemedia Limited, Nestor Vasquez, submitted his resignation from the position in the company on Tuesday, September 15. A day later, BTL informed the public that it had accepted Vasquez’s resignation stating that, “a new Chairman of the Board of Directors will be announced after the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting to be held tomorrow September 17, 2020.”
Vasquez’s resignation comes after the company announced that it was conducting investigations into the use of the company’s credit card by Vasquez. BTL says that “as soon as the investigation is concluded an update will be provided to the Company on the measures taken as a result.”
Vasquez has been at the head of BTL as its chairman since nationalization in 2009 but has served in that capacity for 20 of the company’s 32 years of existence. He issued a statement as follows:
“I take this opportunity to thank the Right Honourable Dean Barrow, members of the Belize Telemedia Limited Board of Directors, its management, staff, and customers, for the invaluable opportunity I received to serve the people of Belize as the company’s Chairman for twenty of the thirty-two years since the company was established.
My service started 32 years ago when I took on the challenge of transforming a small domestic statutory body into a cutting-edge and innovative company that is now the nation’s leading telecommunications provider. Over the years, my dedication to steering the company through its successes, challenges, and growth has been unwavering. Belize Telemedia Limited will forever hold a special place in my heart as it has been a labor of love throughout the years.
I have informed the Prime Minister that I intend to step down from my position as Chairman effective immediately, a mere month ahead of my planned retirement in October 2020.
I am aware of the press release issued by Belize Telemedia Limited yesterday, and will gladly participate in any investigation if requested.
I thank all who supported my leadership and objectives to develop Belize Telemedia Limited during my tenure with the company and wish the current and future leadership continued success.”