Big Tom arrested for forcing a sexual act

Kenneth ‘Big Tom’ Flowers

Over the weekend, a video began to circulate on social media where a young woman was being forced to perform fellatio on a man. The video clearly shows the young woman’s unwillingness to perform the act and more so showed obvious signs of injuries. She had injuries to her hand, arm, cheek and a massive swelling to the forehead. The video raised the ire of many and it caught the attention of Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.
Commenting on the matter, he explained that the video was disturbing and he would do everything in his power to bring the perpetrators to justice. While he admits that the police was able to track the young woman involved, she was unwilling to press charges against the perpetrator. Undeterred Williams stated that there are elements of gang activity that the police will be looking into. With that, Kenneth ‘Big Tom’ Flowers along with the proprietor of the house where the act was committed were detained by police and sent to prison under the state of emergency which covers the southside of Belize City.