Said Musa gone; Fort George at play


Former Prime Minister, Said Musa has indicated to his party that he will no longer contest the Fort George Division. Musa made the announcement on Tuesday September 8 through a letter to his constituency which he delivered to his party leader Johnny Briceno.
The 76 year old Musa who had been holding on to the division even after suffering a stroke in early May of this year has decided to give up the seat for health reasons. Musa who has held on to the division for 8 consecutive terms is now leaving and it is expected that he will name his son, Henry Charles Usher as his successor.
With Musa’s departure, the Fort George Division, which had been a PUP strong hold is now up for grabs as it is widely held that Musa’s proposed successor does not have the wherewithal to follow in his father’s footsteps. Insiders within the PUP say his demeanor and standoff behavior towards the people of the division will ensure that the PUP will lose the division.
And while Usher has gotten the nod to succeed Musa, we understand that the legitimate side of the Musa clan is none too happy with the decision as it was expected that one of the legitimate sons of Musa would have been the one given the nod. That however is not the case and it is yet to be seen how the two factions who have worked in the division to have Musa elected time and again, will work things out to have a united front to have a bastard son elected to office.