Police break up Covid party


Police have placed an entire family including eight minors and at least 12 adults in quarantine after they were forced to break up a birthday party over the weekend.
Police were called out to a home on Aloe Vera Street where a birthday party was being celebrated. Upon arrival, police stopped all activities and hauled everyone to the police station. The police had gotten information that at least one person at the party had recently tested positive for Covid-19. With that, the police took action but not without complaints from some of those in attendance who say police unnecessarily roughed them up.
Speaking to the press about the situation, an irate Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, stated that “The police should have flogged them, they should have flogged them!” His anger was directed at the adults who hosted the party. What has compounded the situation is that it was revealed that at least three persons at the gathering have tested positive for Covid-19 and were actually in breach of quarantine requirements.
Williams says that after everyone is tested and their Covid-19 status is certified, those who have tested positive before will be charged for breach of quarantine requirements while the others will be charged with engaging in an illegal social activity.
Under the current state of affairs, no social gathering can have more than 10 persons in attendance.