Strength in Unity


-Saldivar embraces Faber
Hon. John Saldivar met with the new UDP Leader-Elect, Hon. Patrick Faber on Wednesday, July 8 at Faber’s offices in Belmopan. After the meeting Hon. Saldivar told the Guardian that, “We are one UDP.”
In a joint statement it says that “The meeting went extremely well and both emerged committed to working together to bring victory for the United Democratic Party in the upcoming general elections.
Both Party Leader-elect Faber and Hon. Saldivar call on all colleagues and faithful party supporters to join as we embark on the journey to a historic fourth term for the UDP.
Both maintain that the UDP is the ONLY option for our beautiful country, Belize!”
In a Facebook post, Hon. Saldivar stated that, “Patrick and I have been friends for over two decades. We have had the same ambition for all our adult lives. Patrick is now my leader. Together we will defeat the behemoth called the PUP who lie awaiting to plunder our Belize.”
For his part Hon. Faber expressed that, “I was happy to receive, the Hon. John Saldivar this morning in Belmopan. John and I have resolved to work together to unite our beloved UDP and win the upcoming elections. Our rival is now the very destructive People’s United Party.”