Current Coronavirus Pandemic exposes Severe Sickness in the Global System


By Ed. U Kate
My physics professor, at the very first lecture, was very careful to inform the class that ‘The System’ would not lose; we the students would have to make sure that we did not fail, that we earn the diploma and graduate… Fast-forward to March 2020: the world population have witnessed the shameful failure of global systems in the face of a tiny non-living entity. The arrogance of Prof has only been outdone by the despicable behavior of some very powerful world leaders! If they could only appreciate the precious value of each and every human life, the way we do in little Belize. PM Barrow said: “Nothing is more important than saving Belizean lives!” He then invited the opposition leader to participate, explaining:” We are coming together to show the Belizean people that in times of difficulty we are one.” The very wise and discerning King Solomon would have approved!
It is not known when exactly western Europeans and their cousins appointed themselves gods, but it is for certain that every single policy area has a gigantic subtext of race. Humans were arbitrarily divided into white, black, red and yellow. The whites then started to grab everything for themselves: gold, silver, land… access to schools, scholarships, finance, loans, jobs, housing and health care were ‘distributed’ based on color! Gunpowder, invented by the Chinese, was grabbed and used to set up a police and justice system that would facilitate the Supremacists. Trillions of dollars were then spent to establish a powerful Military Industrial Complex. Trillions were wasted on space programs – human healthcare was all but neglected.
A pandemic disease is prevalent over a whole country or the world. In the years 165 – 180 the Antonine Plague killed 5 million individuals. The Plague of Justinian 541 – 542 killed 50 million. Black Death 1347 – 1351 killed 200 million. Smallpox 1520 – onwards killed 56 million. The Third Plague 1885 killed 12 million. Spanish Flu 1918 – 1919 killed 50 million. HIV 1981 – present killed 35 million. SARS, MERS, COVID-19 and the Common Cold all belong to the CORONAVIRUS family! Much more monies should have been spent over the years on virology, immunizations, healthcare… but evil politics and economics stood in the way! Despite the fact that our most precious procession is life itself, Western Europe and cousins, continue to treat money as their god; at the expense of both physical and mental health!
One infamous world leader is said to lie about 15 times a day. Is it then any surprise to anyone that the evolutionary history of man has been so effectively ignored? Sequencing the genetic material of man, bacteria and viruses should supersede military/police spending, space spending and the so called ‘war on drugs.’ (We grow NO coca here but we just sacrificed 4 BDF lives; crazy!) It is only today that we are seeing the underbelly of the beast, the fruits of neglect and the inadequacy of the rule of law when faced with the laws & realities of Mother Nature and science! The rule of knowledge should be our ideal.
It is estimated that a cumulative 100,000,000,000 humans has lived on this planet since the appearance of the first humans in East Africa! Malaria has killed about 5% of people who ever lived – that works out to 5,000,000,000. You hear very little about work on malaria. When one understands the numbers it is not difficult to understand why I am not overly scared today. Indeed, COVID-19 may be highly infectious but it does NOT seem to be highly virulent. It is very wise for each and every one of us to try our absolute best to avoid exposure – to ALL diseases. I firmly believe that the global systems have failed miserably fighting malaria, coronavirus, chronic diseases… I pray that after this crises passes much more focus will be directed to truly develop good and wise policies!