Generic vs Branded Medicines


    Very often, men who want to buy Viagra at a low price are offered to buy some generic Viagra, because despite the lower cost of the original drug in online pharmacies compared to conventional local pharmacies, there is simply no cheap branded Viagra. However, some patients are alarmed – why are generics so much more affordable? Perhaps this is due to their low quality, low efficiency? To dispel these doubts, let us compare several characteristics of both options of treatment.

    Active Ingredient

    Both the original Viagra and its generics are based on the same active substance called sildenafil citrate, you can find cheap generic viagra here It is an inhibitor of PDE-5, that is, it selectively blocks the production of this enzyme in the male body, which allows you to achieve a stronger and longer erection. From this fact it also follows that the mechanism of action of Viagra and its analogues on the male reproductive system is completely identical.

    On this point, generics are ahead of the branded drug: the original Viagra is sold in only three dosage options (25, 50 and 100 mg), while generics are also available in doses of 75 and 200 mg. The last option will appeal to especially thrifty men, since one pill, divided into two doses, is cheaper than two separate ones.

    Classic Viagra is available in the form of pill, which must be taken with water. Generics, in addition to such pills, are also manufactured in the form of sachets (gels with different tastes), soft chewable and dissolvable pills. Their advantage is a higher and faster bioavailability, which leads to a faster onset of the effect./span>

    Side Effects

    Side effects of branded Viagra are quite brightly pronounced. With different generics, the situation is different: some analogues make patients experience the same unpleasant sensations as the prototype medicine, while others are characterized by less pronounced side effects, which is associated with the use of more modern technologies for purifying the active substance. The contraindications for these drugs are the same

    s we can see, for all of the listed characteristics, generics of Viagra are not inferior to the original medicine. And the secret of their low cost is that their manufacturers are forced to compete with the Pfizer company, which for a long time was a monopolist in the production of sildenafil.