22 Families get new homes in Albert


Some 22 families in the Albert Division will be getting either assistance or construction of a new home thanks to the efforts of the Area Representative, Hon. Tracy Panton, the Government of Belize and the Southside Poverty Alleviation project.
Minister Panton told the Guardian Newspaper that recipients were selected based on greatest need, which was done with the assistance of The Department of Social Services. After assessments were made, 15 new homes were decided to be constructed while seven other families will get assistance to make significant repairs to their homes.
We spoke to Camille Jones, who is the recipient of a single bedroom unit. Jones who is a single mother could not contain her joy as she immediately moved in to her new home. The previous structure where she was living had become unsafe for her as when the rains came down she would get wet. “I love my house.” She told the Guardian. Camille is joined by persons like Keisha Usher from East Collet Canal. Usher is a mother of seven and is now a proud new home owner in the Albert Constituency.
The efforts by Minister Panton are definitely not going unnoticed as the work is impacting hundreds of residents in the Albert division.
Similar constructions are taking place in other constituencies across the south side of Belize City.