Be your own Boss


By Thamar Jones
We lament about this issue on morning talk shows, on Facebook and other social media platforms. We discuss inside the classroom, inside our homes, on street corners, amongst our friends. We hear about it all the time in the speeches of leaders canvassing for votes. Youths loitering inside their hoods during prime work hours of the day gives it away. You don’t need to be a social scientist to realize that unemployment is an issue particularly among the youth.
Fear not, because there is real hope. History teaches us that solutions can arise from the youth themselves. You don’t have to submit to the status quo or be a victim of your circumstances. There is a way out if you dare to defy the odds.
Here’s what you can do to eradicate unemployment for your generation young in Belize:
Cultivate your Entrepreneurial spirit. Because when jobs are scarce, or the type of employment you want is not available, then the answer is to create a job for yourself.
Think like a Teen Boss. Thinking like a boss means refusing to be anything less than successful, working smartly and consistently, even when you don’t feel like it. It means being bold. Don’t be scared to venture into the scarce skill sectors, those fields that are not as popular but a demand exist. Find that niche and fill it. While you’re at it, get motivated and dream big.
Make steps starting with what you know how to do. You do not need to know how to do everything you want to do at the start. So, make steps starting with what you do know how to do. That step is what prepares you for the next. And the next and the next..
Waste time
Give up
Stop dreaming
Stop trying and applying yourself
Unemployment has always been a problem, but as an aspiring teen entrepreneur, your mindset must move beyond thinking that you can’t change things. It is within your power to do something. You can help to turn things around for your family, community, your country and generations to come. You can turn things around for yourself.