Almost Free Education in Government High Schools


On Saturday September 21, Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow gave his Independence Day address. As has become the norm, the PM spoke on the state of the nation but more importantly made some announcements that will have a direct positive impact on Belizeans as a whole.
One of those announcements was that the Government will be extending the school subsidy program. P.M. Barrow explained that, “We are also going to expand what has become another staple of our educational outreach: the annual subsidies to high school students, currently given for the first two years of the secondary program. Now, every student in every Government high school in every District will actually receive that Government subsidy for the entirety of their high school careers, from First Form straight through to Fourth Form.”
In the area of education, the Prime Minister also announced that the DigiLearn Project, which is a joint project between BTL and the Government, “will now be rolled out to 43 secondary schools starting this month. And ultimately GOB through BTL will provide a free laptop and digital classroom to every student in every high school in our country. The goal is to complete all this over the next five years, with the laptop computers provided not just to every student but to each teacher and each Administrator. Of course, Government will not stop to count the financial cost of all this because come hell or high water this revolution in Belizean education must get done.”
(For full text of the Prime Minister’s speech turn to page 9)