Ruthless Rigo kicks supporter out of town hall


The Mayor of Corozal is under pressure after a video surfaced in which he was caught ill-treating a woman inside Corozal’s Town Hall. The Guardian got the video on September 18th and all indications are that the video was taken just a few days earlier. In the video, it is clear that a woman had gone to see the Mayor but he unceremoniously dispensed with her. He would not see her and he even threatened to call the police on her.
In reply, the woman loudly complained that she had been instrumental in having him elected to office. She claimed that she had helped him in his campaign in the ‘Northside’ of town and that he was paying her badly.
This is not the first time that any PUP Mayor is found to be neglecting their people, earlier in the tenure of the Belize City PUP Council, Bernard Wagner had called the Belize City residents who had visited him in his office for assistance, barbarians. It is odd that these two mayors have now taken on this attitude as their campaign was one claiming that they were always about the people.
Their actions, however, is proving that they are only about themselves and use the people only as pawns to get to their positions of power to only turn around and push people aside.