Ivan Tesecum to be BTL’s new CEO


Ivan Tesecum, whose current title at the Belize Telemedia Limited is currently Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will be taking over as the company’s official Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on September 24, 2019. This comes after the current CEO, Rochus Schreiber, resigned the position in July 2019. Tesecum had acted as CEO previous to Schreiber’s appointment and has been training to reassume the position in the coming days.
Tesecum says that the plans for him to succeed as CEO had been in place for some time and that there will be a smooth transition following his succession. “It will continue to be a very smooth operation, a very smooth transition. As a matter of fact, ours has already begun and even in succession planning it was something that the board of directors had already, were already looking into and something that already commenced.” He says that it will be “business as usual” following the official promotion set for September 24, 2019.