Mutiny at the City Council


Members of the Belize City Council are complaining loudly and to anyone who will listen that the resources of the council are being unfairly allocated to just one individual.
We understand that councilors have taken up issue with the fact that the council’s resources, which already are not being employed to do work in the city, are being concentrated at the whims of Councilor Candice Pitts.
As if they needed an excuse, this the councilors say, is the reason why no work has been done in any part of the city. City dwellers can attest that the entire municipality is in a state of chaos with grass growing even inside concrete drains. When these are cleaned, the spoils are left on the side of the streets to simply grow grass on. Streets that were not previously paved under the previous UDP council are pot hole filled. What’s worse, the council is now using recycled tar material to patch those streets that the actually get a chance to fix.
Now the council has gone so far as to even cancel a caucus to show their discontent with the deployment of resources. It seems that the good old Mayor has a mutiny in his hands and one which is self imposed and can be remedied if only he were to pay attention to the entire city rather than just one consitutency.