Shyne D Shine


Once again, the children of the Mesopotamia Constituency are benefiting from the back to school efforts coordinated by Belize’s Musical Ambassador, Mr. Shyne Barrow. Shyne Barrow who is also the UDP’s candidate for the area, has been knocking on doors to make sure the children of Mesopotamia get taken care of through his back to school assistance program. He is trying to do so because he cannot disappoint the children of Mesopotamia who are accustomed to being assisted through the efforts of their current Area Representative the Hon. Michael Finnegan, who Shyne aspires to succeed. Barrow has shown that he is certainly been up to the task and has not disappointed the children of Mesopotamia.
Last week, Shyne started off the distribution of over 1000 back packs along with stationery and other schools supplies. Already, Shyne is trying to solicit additional funds to try to extend the program, to enable more children to benefit. The first to benefit were the high-schoolers, because they had to return to school first. The primary-schoolers were next to receive theirs. This back to school effort did not just stop at the back packs, stationery and school supplies. Shyne has also organized a back to school hair cut program running at two of the Mesopotamia barbershops. He also has a back to school hair braiding program, where the girls can go and get their hair braided. The hair braiding is being done by some very talented hair-braiders from the Mesopotamia constituency.
To top things off for the back to school effort, Shyne had a meeting with well-known longstanding educator Dr Lorna McKay to formulate a plan for providing tutoring services to the children of Mesopotamia. For those Mesopotamia youths, who need some sort of job training so that they may be able to land themselves a job, they are not being forgotten either, because last week Shyne Barrow held a meeting with the Executive Director of the Love Foundation, Deborah Ann Seawell, to finalize a partnership to bring job training and Employment to the youths of Mesopotamia. This is a part of his vision for a self-reliant, self-sufficient, empowered people of Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamia Job training starts Friday, October 4th, 2019. These programs being spearheaded by Shyne are apart from the annual school assistance programs being run by the current area representative, with whom Shyne works very closely. That type of partnership shows that there is cohesion and continuity.