Group Hug’s 5th Backpack Drive


Group Hug, a non-profit organization founded in July 2015, has since then existed as a result of the notion that meaningful social development should be a community effort. As such, they have contributed their talents and resources to render assistance to the needy through various mediums but most recently, through their 5th annual backpack drive.
Their most recent drive, with the assistance of dedicated sponsors and registered volunteers, was able to reach as many as 275 persons and celebrated the surpassing of their 1,000th beneficiary, since their inception. Group Hug liaised and collaborated with various primary schools in Belize City and Hattieville to identify benefactors who received their packages of school bags and stationery on Saturday, August 24, 2019.
Donors for this year’s initiative included The Placencia Hotel, the Social Security Board, Digi, Amber Sunset Jungle Resort, and private supporters. The group encourages the public to contact them via their Facebook page at Group Hug BZ for further information as they are constantly in their recruitment of new volunteers and members.
“It is hoped that through projects ran by Group Hug, a slight shift in consciousness can be provoked to encourage individuals to think more collectively; to aspire for the betterment of the whole as opposed to just the betterment of the self. Group Hug: we’re all in this together!”