Biscayne gets sports complex


About a month ago, we reported that the newly elected Biscayne Village Council Chairman Alphius Gillett received a cheque for $10,000, the first installment of around $30,000, on behalf of the village council for building a basketball court behind the Biscayne Government School. That cheque was a donation from the Belize Water Services Limited. We are pleased to report that the preparation works are now underway for the construction of not only a basketball court, but it is now been upgraded to be an entire sports complex, which will be built in Biscayne. The initiative is spearheaded by the recently elected Village Council in conjunction with Belize Rural North Area Representative, Honorable Edmond Castro and the Ministry of Works. The funds are principally donated by Belize Water Services as was initially solicited by former Biscayne Chairlady Kay Tillett.
A new access road to the site is being cleared with assistance from local businessman Alberto Morales of A & E Trucking, who is providing heavy equipment and personal time at very concessionary rates. The sports complex, to be located behind the Biscayne Government primary School, will include a basketball court constructed by local contractor Eustace Shaw, as well as a football and cricket pitch. When this sports complex is completed, it will be the first of its kind in the Belize Rural North Area and it will be the type of sport infrastructure that villages from all may want to emulate. The people of Biscayne will certainly benefit from having a village council that is working along with their Area Representative. Things can only get better for the village.