Ban on importation to protect banana industry


With the recent confirmation of the presence of Fusarium Wilt of Banana, Fusarium oxysporum (TR4), in Colombia, the entire Central American Region and Mexico is on high alert, implementing quarantine measures to prevent entry of this very devastating banana disease that threatens our banana Industry and Food Security.
BAHA is therefore implementing with immediate effect, quarantine measures such as a ban on the importation of used tires, used farm equipment and machinery and other non-plant regulated articles originating from TR4 infested Countries. The countries and regions that have confirmed TR4 are Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Vietnam.
To avoid undue delays or losses, importers or their representatives (custom brokers) are advised to seek guidance from BAHA prior to the importation of any commodity from the above mentioned countries.