Premium Wines and Spirits accused robber to stand trial


Everald Sambula, a 19-year-old accused of robbery, has been committed to stand trial in the October session of the Supreme Court. On September 7, 2018, Sambula was accused of robbing over 50,000 cash from Premium Wines and Spirits Company. During that robbery, over $55,000 cash was robbed from the establishment in broad daylight. A preliminary inquiry against Sambula was held before Magistrate Emmerson Banner, who committed Sambula to stand trial. During that process, Sambula was unrepresented and was unable to provide any alibi witness. The prosecution, represented by Cpl. Edgar Poot, submitted as many as eleven statements and documentary exhibits.

Sambula was initially arraigned on September 11, 2019 on four counts of robbery upon Maria Price, manager at the establishment, Guermo Fuentes, Noel Hyde, and the establishment itself. Price was robbed of a Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone and a gold chain, all to a total value of $2,300. Fuentes was robbed of a cell phone, while Hyde was robbed of a cell phone and cash. The establishment was robbed of cash and cheques. All the items that were robbed from the four parties totaled $55,585.25.

Price claims that, while she was inside the store speaking to a clerk, three men entered the establishment before one of them pointed a gun in her face. She was relieved of her cellphone and chain and the robbers proceeded throughout the shop where they stole cell phones, cash, and cheques.