Grow some skin


Most of Belize’s politicians who are in the thick of things, from either political parties, know that there are persons who will be nice to you and there will be those who will simply be rude. In the heat of things, words are exchanged and some insults are hurled. In the end however it is just that, an exchange of words, and seasoned politicians brush it off as just another day in politics.

It seems however that one man who has entered the political fray is simply too pompous and regal and is just not ready for this kind of interactions. Louis Zabaneh who says he is running for a constituency in the south told the police that he was at the National Assembly on Friday last when someone told him that, “You dah wah big thief, and all Zabaneh da thief, uno thief people land.” In the normal course of things, this kind of talk is experienced by politicians on an everyday basis. Zabaneh however is to highty tighty and high and mighty for this kind of interaction, and it seems that his skin is too thin for this. We have a bit of advice for this chap, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen.”