Money to burn


I did not get to listen to the entire arsenal of speeches in the House meeting last Friday August 16, since I was watching the proceedings on livestream TV, and the internet on my TV would drop out intermittently.  I would then prefer to pick up my book rather than go through the motions of re-connecting all over again via YouTube. However, from the few spats I managed to see from Hon. K. Musa and Hon. O. Requeña, during their allocutions, I was reminded of an adage from a novel by American author, James Patterson, who in one of his crime thrillers said that “fools make assumptions, but intelligent people make deductions”.

This is relevant since both area representatives made allusions that the UDP will be an Opposition Party next year! They based their assumption on the ambivalent claim that the PUP won a massive majority in the recent village council elections. Even in the OWD, where the PUP is claiming 100% victory, there are chinks in their calculation, as the UDP won in San Estevan, Douglas, San Luis, and Tower Hill. That certainly does not make for any 100%!  In Corozal the PUP even lost ground, and in Cayo, the UDP did darn well.  So I do not know where all this cockiness is emanating from, for these fortune seekers to be counting chickens so early, even before the fowl lay!

As an aside, in a talk show earlier this week, I listened to a demagogue yammer about the BCC achieving $10,000,000 to face-lift the city. Only the PUP and its apologists would dare refer to a bond as an achievement! It’s a loan, you fly-by-night preacher, not a grant! It has to be serviced over time, plus interest. I will say this without fear of being wrong, the only achievements we in the districts have heard of the present BCC is their ability to procure debts at different places of business, and of the Mayor’s proclivity for foreign travel. If an audit were to be carried out of how much expenditure the present BCC has undertaken on overseas trips it would amount to a disturbing number, I bet you.  That latter statement dear readers is not an assumption, it is a deduction! But providence is allowing voters to sample what a PUP Administration would look like, at any level, since voters so easily forget. It is showing that the PUP has some unabashed spendthrifts, all the way down the gravy train, I tell you!